Kruger National Park Malaria Information South Africa

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There are also a number of concessions licensed to personal corporations with their own camps. The fastest and most robust of these belong to the genus Charaxes, of which 12 species have been recorded. Genera Papilio and Acraea are also properly-represented, with about 10 and 15 species respectively.
The sandveld communities northeast of Punda Maria are equally distinctive, with all kinds of distinctive plant species. Source Webpage The bush-clad hills along the Levuvhu River also shelter an fascinating floral variety and a few near-endemic species. This area lies in the western half of the park, north of the Olifants River.
There are a variety of smaller areas in the park which carry distinctive vegetation. The Pretoriuskop sourveld and Malelane mountain bushveld obtain comparatively high rainfall.
The complete number of Lepidoptera species in the park is unknown, however could be in the order of 7,000, a lot of which vary widely in African savanna. The mopane moth in the northern half of the park is likely one of the finest recognized, and communities exterior the park have at occasions been given permits to reap their caterpillars. The park has a high range of termites and 22 genera are recognized to happen, together with the mound-constructing genera Macrotermes, Cubitermes, Amitermes, Odontotermes and Trinervitermes.
The camp also has quick access to the Mozambican border just on the opposite facet of Komatipoort. Kruger Park accommodates twelve major relaxation camps, in addition to several smaller camps scattered throughout the park.
A new species of woodlouse, Ctenorillo meyeri, has been found inside termite nests, east of Phalaborwa and near Mopani Rest Camp. It is the first occasion of a termitophilous species from the household Armadillidae. Many species of mosquito occur in the park, including the Culex, Aedes and Anopheles genera which goal mammals. arabiensis is the most prevalent of the 9 or extra Anopheles species in the park, and their females transmit malaria.As of 2018, 350 species of arachnids, excluding ticks and mites, are identified from Kruger. These are principally true spiders, including 7 species of baboon spider, but additionally 9 scorpion and seven pseudoscorpion species, 18 solifugid species , 2 species of harvestmen and 1 species of tailless whip scorpion.