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Luxury Bathrooms are full of amazing design, quality product and high end concepts, they are stunning and spark the imagination, however the secret of marrying luxury with perfection is making sure that every incredible item is not just eye-catching but immensely practical and easy to keep up. What is the part of keeping the best instead of being able to have fun with this? fake brick wall around the bathroom market today embodies this idea a lot better than waterproof paneling.
Shower boarding, as it is best known, has revolutionised waterproofing within the bathroom. Originally developed with function planned the paneling is made to be used in large open areas like changing rooms and hospitals where hygiene and simplicity of maintenance are paramount. As with all great ideas people began wanting to utilize this fantastic product in their own personal home. So with demand came supply and manufacturers began to come up with more appealing coloured boards to use for the domestic market, the thought shot to popularity now around 80% of the latest shower installations are utilizing wall boards.
Manufacturers like Mermaid and Respatex took the 100% waterproof idea and expanded the number of choices and designs in exponential ways. The huge ranges of colours, styles and designs available means that any look may be possible. Stone-effects, metal-effects, bold colours as well as tile-effect boards let the system to be used in almost any bathroom to complement any look. Working exceptionally well in quadrant showers, wall boards may be used in existing bathrooms to produce exciting new areas; the striking Black Slate Wall Board behind a chrome and glass enclosure sends ripples of modernity through any bathroom. The versatile system can also be used to stunning effect in large amounts, providing a seamless wall covering in a entire room due to the interlocking edges; a complete room of Milano Marble produces a warm sanctuary of stone that actually works perfectly in almost any type of home. 
Once brick wall panels has been installed it's just the start of how it will boost your bathroom. The no-fuss boards imply that cleaning and upkeep is kept to a minimum, a fast wipe down after use plus your shower area will remain pristine long afterwards fitting. Unlike tiles there won't be any grout lines to completely clean, no danger of degradation after a while as well as a 15 year guarantee as standard.
fake brick wall panels for anyone with guest houses wishing to have an easy clean, hygienic waterproof wall covering to swiftly fit into an en-suite situation. As well as saving you time, choosing wall boards can also lower your expenses as every installation is often a complete investment. The easy fix system can go over almost any surface, including existing tiles, helping slow up the labour tariff of any new installation.
The very nature of wall board is to merge the dramatic with the functional, the standard using the efficient along with the bold with the hygienic. It does solutions whilst constantly looking sensational!